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We aim to provide an authentic, West Coast brewery experience in a unique rural setting, serving, promoting, and enhancing the local community.


Site Subdivision / Zoning Update

The commercial location of the Brewery is undergoing a subdivision and re-zoning to allow for more diversity in terms of both business uses and ownership. The overall goal is to establish a new 'Town Center' for Jordan River, which the future Brewery would become part of. A copy of the CRD report is included below. It includes a copy of the proposed future Town Center plan, as well as a rational for the subdivision in Appendix 'C'.

The vision for this site is to create a village gathering place for the rural community of Jordan River that will serve locals and support tourism in the region.  The position of this property provides an opportunity to build a community gathering place in a location with a greater resilience to known hazards in the area.  The intention is to create a number of commercial bareland strata parcels that would enable more diverse ownership and investment as part of the commercial site. 

The application is to amend the Wildwood Terrace Neighbourhood Commercial Zone (C1-A) to permit additional land uses, reduce the minimum parcel size, introduce the concept of Floor Space Ratio, consider a reduction to the setback for parking areas, consider reduced setbacks, and increase potential building height to support architectural options by way of a site-specific zoning amendment



The proposal is to open a Micro Brewery to service the Jordan River trade area as well as visitors to the region. This business would brew beer for wholesale and retail trade as well as onsite sales. There would be food service as part of a lounge and patio area, and non-alcoholic drinks in order to provide a service to the entire community.

The proponents of the business are Brian Kozak, a local part-time resident (full time within the next two years in order to manage the business), a local Brewmaster and Totangi Properties, the property owner and long-time local business operator, is the zoning amendment applicant and also supporting our entrepreneurial efforts.


The location is across from the Waters Edge Drive - Highway #14 intersection on a site owned by Totangi Properties.  We now have a Development Permit for the site and are in the process of applying for our Building Permit.

Let’s answer some questions we’ve heard.....

What will it look like?

Our design takes cues from Westcoast themes and local resources. The building and landscaping have a Development Permit from the CRD and we are in the process of securing a building permit. The design is complementary to and respectful of the natural setting and rural character of the area. Guidelines for site design, building design, lighting, parking, screening, and landscaping are outlined in the Development Permit bylaw.  Please see the approved Development Permit Drawings below. 

Will you serve food?

Yes - at present, we are considering a pizza oven, along with other snack type items, as part of a lounge endorsement. Depending on the local and visitor traffic, there is an opportunity for one or more food trucks to service the business customers in the parking area adjacent to the main building.  


How will this use impact the environment?


  • Water use: The commercial development permit and the provincial government have an application process and objectives for a commercial enterprise use of water (a ground water licence will be required). As local residents, we are also concerned about well water use and quality. While the intent is to have a ground well, rainwater collection and use will also be a significant contributor to the brewery water supply.

  • Waste-water / Septic: An approved waste-water system will be engineered and built for the brewery. Different treatment systems and technology are available to deal with brewery waste-water and septic system, and we will employ the appropriate system for this application

  • Solid Waste and Recycle: The Brewery will develop and employ a ‘bear safe’ full recycle system on site, with separate enclosed bin for this use and any refuse. Regular pick up of recycle and refuse shall be contracted.

  • Green Initiatives: We will be installing a solar array as part of our energy supply, use locally sourced supply for construction of the facility, as well as locally sourced ingredients in our production process. Along with rain-water collection and the recycle of waste materials, we will be making every effort to protect the local environment.t.


How will this benefit the community?

We believe that the Jordan River area will benefit from increased services for both the local residents and visitors to the area. Our hope is that the Jordan River Brewing Company will become a new gathering place for the community, creating jobs, promoting tourism, and bolstering additional economic interest and community pride.

Community Benefits:

Giving back to the community - here are some of the ideas we are considering subject to community support:

  • Once the business is profitable, 1% of revenues generated from the Brewery business will be donated to Jordan River Community for community betterment and investment, and/or to be directed to a fund for the future fire hall and community center;

  • Support community initiatives to petition the CRD for a fire protection area;

  • During the summer months we will make the parking area available free of charge each Sunday for a farmer’s / craft market for local residents;

  • Sponsorship of community events including hosting an annual community BBQ;

  • Promotion of local artist works at no cost via display and sale in the lounge area;

  • Donation of spent grain for bakery use, animal feed, and compost use.

Modern Beer Brewery

What about fire protection?

Both Jordan River Brewing Company and the landowner Totangi Properties support the community goal of creating fire protection services for the area. Currently, any new construction in the new Wildwood Terrace subdivision phases require sprinkler systems. The brewery will also require a commercial sprinkler system.

How this will enhance tourism opportunities and experience?

Craft brewery visits are up significantly across the country, with a 35% sales increase in sales since 2015 for existing brewers. Many tourists are interested in experiencing and sampling new products at different brewery locations. Given the recreational opportunities in the immediate area (camping, hiking, surfing, fishing), the JR Brewing Company would be an excellent addition to visitor experience in the area.

How this will support local employment and investment?

This is a home grown local entrepreneurial investment that will focus on benefitting Jordan River residents and trades. In addition to the construction jobs to build the facility, the total jobs created for the area should be six (6) brew-master, assistant brew-master, wait staff (2) as well as two (2) part time positions, general manager and marketing manager.

By enhancing community services and promoting tourism, the Craft Brewery will contribute to an increased opportunity for other businesses to take advantage of both local service needs and visitor traffic. The Commercial zone area allows for additional opportunities for business and community use.


How it will not have negative externalities that some connect with alcohol?

As members of the Community, we would like to strongly reinforce that the business is not interested in having intoxicated patrons and visitors. Like all craft breweries, cideries, and vineyards in the CRD that have a tasting lounge, the expectation is that customers will know their limits and drink within them. The vast majority of customers are self-regulating in this regard and pay attention to designated driver stipulations.

Our staff will be trained via Serving it Right course which is a responsible liquor service program required by the province of B.C., in addition to promoting safe transportation. Other non-alcoholic beverages (non-alcoholic beer, pop, coffee, tea, kombucha, etc.) and food will also be available for customers.

By promoting more inclusiveness and a community gathering place, this would result in a positive environment for all customers, visitors and local alike which will serve to deter negative behaviour.


How is a Micro Brewery different than a pub?


Unlike a bar or pub, hours of operation would be more in line with a retail business. While the brewery production would likely operate during regular business hours (9am-5pm Monday - Friday), the tasting room and lounge hours would be 12pm – 10pm daily.

The lounge, deck areas and tasting room are dedicated to patrons who wish to enjoy their beverage on premises. It will be different in the sense that it is a brewery…that it produces a wide variety of beers that are made locally, and the focus is the sale of those products over a variety of mediums, including off-sales, and retail sales out of other restaurants / pubs and liquor stores. Visitors are typically looking to sample a variety of beers and purchase products for off-premises consumption. Generally speaking, most customers would be interested in a ‘tasting flight’ to sample a variety of beers. This usually amounts to less than one pint of beer, at which point customers may decide to purchase retail product.

Unlike a pub, the brewery would not serve hard alcohol, wine or any other spirits. The lounge area and deck will cater to customers who wish to enjoy a glass of beer, a non-alcoholic beverage and/or some food. Unlike a pub, seating will be communal and encourage customer interaction. We would also like to accommodate families and children in the premise, to ensure that the business serves the entire community. In this sense, it will be like the best part of a neighborhood pub..…intended to become the local gathering place for the community and visitors.


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